Our services

Civil Works

We at Aakruti can easily carry out your desired construction in the most economical and professional manner with our Civil Construction Services. If you are looking for a reliable and valuable civil construction service provider, then Aakruti has provided a wide variety of project delivery options in commercial and residentials projects.

Building Maintenance

The building maintenance should be done for structural stability and safety. The causes of defects must be determined so to prevent the re-occurrence of these defects. Our professional team is engaged in designing, execution of the construction and all construction related activities provide in the Building Maintenance Services.


At Aakruti, We believe that the way to create a design that go beyond the client’s expectations is to ensure we understand what client wants. We have professional team who provide artistic input with a client’s ideas into flesh to match client expectations. We have professional team to handle the design structures and client expectations.


Without the proper installation of a waterproofing system, your home is at risk for water damage. A great waterproofing can help minimize water damage and increase the lifespan of property. We are engaged in providing Water Proofing Service to our valuable clients as per their specifications.

Structure Repairs

The success of repair activity depends on the identification of the root cause and most structural repair work requires work permits and inspections, during and after the work has been completed. Keeping the various requirements of customers in mind, Aakruti provides Structural Repair Service with affordable cost.

Painting Contractor

Aakruti does all aspects of interior and exterior preparation & painting. The best way to protect your most valuable asset is by ensuring that it is always in pristine condition - a fresh coat of paint brightens the whole building & should be done inside and out every 5 - 7 years.

Restoration & Renovation

Building restoration is the cleaning of interior as well the exterior of the building which includes the removal of paint layers, repairing the walls as required. Renovation is getting a makeover or redeveloping the interior without changing the exterior of a building. The hidden beauty of the building is been rejuvenated after renovation.

Terrace Coating

Terrace is the main source of heat radiation in room temperature by insulating the terrace, so we can have ambient temperature in the room. The Complete anti leakage property of our roof coatings during monsoons provide a comfortable environment to the buildings.

Polymer Repairs

Industry leader in polymer repair and protection, we at Aakruti provide systems to restore and rehabilitate polymer structures that have deteriorated due to corrosion, structural damage, water infiltration, freeze/thaw, reactive aggregates, and others.

Glass Facade

Glass is rare construction material, which is traditional and used for various functionalities. This Glazing service is fixing the glasses and increases its life span of glass.We are trusted by customers for providing Glass Facade Work. These glass glazing are much satisfactory and easy to obtain from us in convenient way with affordable cost.


Roofing Service offered is handled by experienced professionals of the industry who have with them rich experience in making use of latest process techniques as well as quality roofing material so as to offer compatible and long-lasting solutions to the customers.


Aakruti has a wealth of experience of working with a variety of material grades and boasts an impressive project portfolio. All fabrication work is designed and manufactured to suit individual customer requirements. We supply both volume and one-off orders to exacting quality standards.